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My Reconnection Experience…

Making my decision to have The Reconnection  was very random as I had done very little research, I continued to search for certified practitioners, there were several to choose from, but as I have learned, I’d let my inner light guide me, and I selected Maryam for the session.

I was a little skeptical about The Reconnection session, but who wouldn’t be?

I was not so sure about it, and my ego needed to get a sense of the practitioner’s Reconnection practice.. Not many people in my area are familiar with the Reconnective Healing and The Reconnection modalities, I almost canceled my session, but my instinct guided me not to cancel, as well as there was something good and greater about Maryam that I decided to proceed.

While receiving the 1st Reconnection session, I knew I was meant to be there, as the feeling sensation was unknown to me, that struck a chord with me. That night I slept very well and had a very vivid dream that felt amazing.

After the second session was completed, I have been feeling my surroundings a lot more positive and it has sort of given me a new pair of eyes to see the world through. My experience what I can only describe as a sort of shift, something changed inside or a light was switched on. I have noticed I am having more joyful days, feeling more at ease and in control.

Also the Reconnection is providing me with an exceptional sense of my own energy, that helps myself to live a joyful life.

It is helping me to open a new, more expanded awareness of myself, words are hard to express the experience, there are moments when I feel energetically swept clean with powerful waves of good energy.

I have started giving more reconnection energy to my pets to see their reaction, and to find out they really enjoy the energy that goes through my hands without touching them. They are my furry children, sometimes I give them healing energy, some type of a powerful love you have for them, that comforts them when they feel the energy. What a phenomenal and wonderful experience.

I really look forward to more!!

The whole experience with Maryam was rewarding, including meeting her father. The over all experience was amazing!.

I strongly recommend and encourage anyone to take advantage of The Reconnection, it’s a powerful service that Maryam offers from her loving giving heart!

Great session!

Alec L.

From: Alec L.

” Maryam is a warm and gentle soul with a shining energy.  I felt comfortable with her right away.  She does not touch you during the Reconnective Healing session but you feel her energy and I felt very relaxed and at ease. Everything she told me after the session, resonated with me and made me change my attitude on life  and believe in other powers and beings. I recommend her for any one who wants to get to know her/him self a little more and the energies that exist around us.”

From: B.M

My Reconnective Healing session from Maryam was a great experience. She immediately put me at ease with her warmth, kindness and gentleness. She was generous with her time and answered my questions before and after the session (I had plenty!).


The session was powerful. I felt many different sensations that ranged from pleasant lightness, warmth and tingling to strong deep vibrations. Though I’ve heard you can fall asleep, I remained awake and alert, which I thoroughly enjoyed. Maryam worked from all angles and I could feel the energy infuse my whole body..Even if she was at my head, I could feel the sensations go through my head, chest, abdomen, legs down to my toes. I can’t fully describe how wonderful the reverberations were!

Maryam is a true healer. After the session she amazed me with her bio feedback. She picked up that I had hip problems, a kidney issue and a tooth that was troubling me. Imagine my incredulous look…Yes, I’ve had hip pain for years, a nervous bladder and a fractured tooth!

Maryam, grateful for our time together. Thank you for the light, the healing and valuable information.

From: Rebecca Thompson

I have read many self help books on every subject but nothing stuck. We all know what to do and how to do it, but for some unknown reason, we just don’t. For me, the missing puzzle piece was a great coach to facilitate my life journey. Working with Maryam opened my world.

Now I understand what it means to have an Oprah AHA! moment. Now I have my personal Maryam AHA! moments. Working with Maryam, I learned from the core about self love and self care. That was instrumental. Everything fell into place. I found my focus, gained motivation & momentum, found solutions to my struggles with procrastination, and gave up being a perfectionist.

My perception on life has changed. I see things more positively now.

I started to lose weight by sticking to a healthy lifestyle eating habits and going to the gym regularly.

I made a career change that I’ve been delaying for years.

I travel by myself more and enjoy every moment of my day.

This was done by quieting down and understanding how to love myself first. Maryam will be there during your journey to help you do just that.

From: A.B

I started working with Maryam after a year in classic therapy following my divorce. My therapist was excellent but I had grown tired of continually focusing on the past. I was ready to move to shaping my future, although I couldn’t see past my immediate situation, which seemed set in stone.

Maryam provided the perfect guidance to me at that time. She helped me see my potential and, crucially, opened me up to the idea that I can do anything, that I can create my own happiness. This happened gradually and painlessly. Contrary to my expectations, there were no difficult exercises or cathartic crying, and no woo!

Within a few sessions I found myself thinking outside the box, seeing and grabbing opportunities past my comfort zone. I had just left an unsatisfying, unhealthy relationship and thanks to my new way of thinking I was able to take a long vacation in Europe on my own, for the first time in my life. The old me would never have considered a trip like that. The new me reveled in the mind-expanding new experiences. On my return to the US, I realized nothing was keeping me here. I asked my company to transfer me to our office in Italy, and the transfer has just been approved. I am ready and fearless.

From: DM

Maryam is an angel that was sent from heaven for sure. She has a wonderful healing energy. I connected well with her as soon as I met her the first time. I am going through some physical body issues and she has been a great help and healer for me. Every time I feel a lot of positive and healing energy around me. Of course I slowly get relaxed and open up and let it all in. I feel that I’m flowing in the direction of light and heaven for sure. I highly recommend her and I will continue seeing her myself. Just like our physical body needs attention, our spiritual and emotional needs attention and food also. By seeing Maryam, you feed those for sure. Thank you so much.

From: Yas S.

“I had quite a bit of hesitation to pick a life coach, but I knew that Maryam was one.  I had asked her for a business card for someone but kept the information for myself as well.  So I decided to call her for coaching for myself and now I am so glad that I did.

She was absolutely wonderful. Maryam helped me to remember and understand that I am in charge of my own destiny,

I was able to identify who I truly am and let go of all the roadblocks I had created for myself. At last I have joy, peace and gratitude again-

I feel joy in being me and feel the abundance in my life.”

From: FA

As a healer, I am exposed to others’ fluctuating energies that wear on me over time. It is therefore necessary to have my own aura cleansed & recharged. I’m weary & protective of whom I trust my body/spirt to, but I knew innately that Maryam would engulf me with a safe and loving environment. The technique, along with Maryam’s guiding skills, allowed me to surrender – giving me a sense of tranquility. I felt alive and in the “present”, able to see the beauty of the moment.

I am grateful for her knowledge as she gives back to my own spirit the gift of healing!

Master Healer, Intuitive :

I met with Maryam on 12/22/14 and had my first Reconnective Healing® experience with her and what she believe, which is The Core Shift! It was just AMAZING!!! I literally felt the shift in my core/ body as I was laying down on the portable bed that she had brought with herself! I just remember after my session was done I felt extremely light and calm. The experience was so wonderful that I decided to introduce her to a very good friend of mine in overseas! Maryam is one of the most Trustworthy, kind, Gentle and Sweet souls that I have ever met in my life!!! 3 weeks later and I am still enjoying the experience! The sense of CLARITY which is an awesome feeling for me! This was the best GIFT I could have given to myself and I think you should too.

From: Gita

Having provided advice and guidance for some, I was initially wondering what working with a career coach would do for me. I still don’t know the answer to that question, because Maryam is not a career coach.

Maryam is an empowerment coach. That may sound fluffy but where most “coaches” focus on the symptom, Maryam focuses on the cause. She asks the right questions and is that little voice in the back of your head, challenging you to go for it, whispering, “yes, you can.”

My challenge? Pursuing a path that balanced my need for stability along with my desire to do work that I am passionate about. Maryam challenged me to stop editing myself out of practicality. Within four months of working together, I was offered an amazing opportunity at my target organization.

Don’t work with Maryam –
…unless you are willing to face your dreams and pursue your passion.

From: Termeh Rassi

Maryam’s coaching has been an integral and instrumental part of my success in dealing with a life long issue which effected me in many ways. I never felt comfortable going to psychologists because of the never ending process.

When I learned about Success Coaching and Maryam’s specific methods, I knew that I had finally found what I had been looking for to help me achieve my goal.

Maryam’s empowerment techniques, non judgmental attitude, calm demeanor, and clear path to success helped me achieve my goal in only 6 sessions. I never thought I could successfully arrive to the place where I am now and never look back. She is the best thing and the wisest investment I have ever made.

From: Pani Fuzi

Ever felt like you were afloat and nothing seemed to make sense or even possible; days seemingly melding and wondering, ‘ What did I accomplish? Where am I heading? What do I want to do?’ While at the same time knowing the possibilities were endless and that life, our surroundings, our minds and souls were all ready to support us as soon as we were ready.
I finally reached that point of, I need guidance and I can’t do this alone.
Maryam was that person, that transformative life coach, who altered my perspective, my life and realigned my sense of self. I am still on the journey of reconnecting all the wonderful parts of self, life and spirit but gratefully and with deep gratitude, guided by Maryam and her experience, compassion and strength.

From:  A.J.

After receiving The Reconnection service from Maryam two years ago, this experience has taken me to a higher level.

The process was very unique for me, several benefits from this process came to fruition. Which helped me elevate my spiritual side and I continue to learn more about myself.

Somehow it gave me the strength to follow my own lone wolf journey and conquer past circumstances from my younger years. 

The reconnection experience changed my life completely. It feels delightful when I take a moment to reflect on how I interact in my life’s journey. 

Maryam is a gifted practitioner, she can
attune you to the Reconnective frequencies, and activates new connections to your energetic vibrations.

Your life experience becomes enhanced more profound, the right life opportunities come to surface and your potential arise at the right divine time. 

I strongly recommend and encourage anyone to take advantage of her powerful services.

Don't take my word for it.. feel the experience.