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Rev. Maryam Nasr Sardari has a Masters Degree in Art Therapy from George Washington University and is a registered Art Therapist, author, vlogger, Certified  Reconnective Healing Practitioner, Certified Reconnection Practitioner, Certified Pranashakti Mahavidya Practitioner, and a Certified Transformational Life Coach.

Her career in Art Therapy came to a halt when she was “let go” due to budget cuts during the Iraq war from the National Institutes of Health.  Having been put in a precarious position she agreed to a partnership in business with a friend.  This venture offered her a way to utilize her love of creativity in the form of designing jewelry, however, being involved more with the business aspect of the work Maryam became exceedingly dispirited and out of alignment with her path until she found herself at a crossroads with regards to her life purpose.  Finally, she left the partnership and found herself in a new state of being.  She refers to this as a sort of “spiritual awakening”.  Then it was as though the Universe began to speak to her and guide her to what she does now.  

Maryam’s style of coaching is different from the general practice in that she not only draws on her experience as an art therapist but she also does a lot of “soul work” with her clients.  The process of creativity is in itself therapeutic and non-threatening which makes for a perfect vehicle to begin the coaching work.  Vision boards are a great way to utilize creativity.  “Soul work” involves a series of tasks aimed at helping the clients go within and discover answers for themselves.  She guides them through each step.

In 2017 Maryam was ordained into the priesthood of The Order of Melchizedeck which is the highest commitment to service.  She has never been happier doing her work and feels passionate about being a motivator and inspiring people to be the best versions of themselves.  Her goal is to do motivational speaking as a way to share her message. 

Maryam has offered workshops in Vision Boarding, Spoon Bending, Mandalas as well as Personal Trees.  She has been consulted about Mental Health and Visual arts in the online magazine